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ICE Recovery Compression Elbow/Shoulder Wrap

The Ice Recovery Shoulder Elbow Compression Wrap is ideal for quarterbacks and pitchers. Anatomically designed with adjustable straps and multiple gel packs to create the most complete icing solution for elbow and shoulder sprains, strains and injuries. Helps reduce swelling and pain with gentle compression and deep 360° ice coverage. The adjustable straps with Z-Grip closures create a customized fit for ideal compression. Easy access gel-pack pockets provide convenience and comfort for perfect ice or heat therapy. The neoprene and 4-way stretch materials allow for comfort and easy adjustment as you wear the compression wrap. Use ice therapy for sprains, strains, tendonitis, and post activity soreness and swelling, and use heat therapy to loosen stiff muscles and to relieve arthritis and muscle spasm pain.

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