CFX PRT Protective Batting Gloves Black/Gold

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Protect your hands when you step to the plate with Franklin Sports' CFX Pro PRT Padded Batting Gloves. These protective, padded batting gloves are designed to keep baseball and softball players' hands secure so they can step into the box with confidence. Built with a protective soft-shell layer, these gloves offer increase protection against hit by pitches. The soft shell hardens on impact to help reduce the chance of injury while still remaining flexible and comfortable. Made with our classic, CFX Pro leather and design, these premium batting gloves are built to play at the highest level. The soft, lightweight handback is designed for flexibility and comfort while providing additional support and protection. The next time you step into the batter's box, bring yourself some peace of mind by grabbing a pair of Franklin Sports' CFX Pro PRT Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves today!

  • PROTECTIVE: The CFX Pro PRT batting gloves are constructed with a padded outer-shell layer designed to protect hitter's hands at the plate
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SHELL: The seamlessly integrated soft-shell padding on the hand back is designed to be lightweight and flexible to keep your hands safe without bulkiness or stiffness
  • PREMIUM LEATHER: Constructed with the same premium grade leather as our other CFX Pros, the PRT batting gloves are designed for long-lasting durability, comfortable fit, and superior grip
  • EXTENDED CUFF: These batting gloves are designed with an extended, ergonomic cuff to provide additional wrist stability and support
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: These baseball batting gloves have been thoroughly tested to ensure highly effective impact dispersion at every point of contact to bring you full confidence in every at-bat


$89.99 $85.49