Rev Pro 4.0 Gloves - White/Gold

$49.99 $24.99

Estimated delivery between July 20 and July 22.

It's Cutters Rev Pro 4.0, and you are now rocking with the best. This Cutters flagship Football Receiver Glove is used by elite pros every Sunday and features unmatched Air C-TACK grip, the original performance football grip that has set the standard for advanced grip innovation for over 20 years. Our newest Cutters receiver glove pushes the limit of stick on every catch and is perforated for better breathability and cooling performance. The best receivers in the world love the grip along with the exceptional combination of feel, support and stability, which deliver confidence that's also very comfortable. Secure the ball with reinforced finger tips that prevent twisting for added catch stability. Cold, rain or shine, Rev Pro 4.0 gloves perform without compromise in all weather conditions. Cutters advanced C-TACK grip is self-restoring — simply wipe down with a damp cloth when dirty to regain maximum stick. Machine washable and dryable materials mean your grip and your look can stay sharp for every game.


$49.99 $24.99